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10 Best decor ideas to refreshen your home look:

          Do not leave this blog without giving a glance because you may miss the best decorating ideas for your home thinking that we are going to make you do major renovations at your home here but we are not.

This article will give you some interesting ideas to spice up the look of your home which will not cost you much and there are no craft ideas included in this. We may always keep our home clean and organized but we may get bored by seeing the same couch, wall, flower vases, tea table, night lamp and so on everything remains the same making us tiresome.


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And these ideas will make you live with nature and greenery with different accessories which are updated to the current trend. Of course, these ideas will give a new glam to your home with which even you may get surprised and you will be proud of the new style of your home when others admire it.

And don’t worry we will not be sharing the credits…. Just fun, but you will be thanking us for the ideas and not to drag come let’s get into the 10 décor items which is going to make your home give a 5-star hotel look.

  • Garden-inspired Wallpaper
  • Vintage Rug
  • Bright Lights
  • Coral Bedroom makeover
  • Rainbow Glasses
  • Decorative wall Mirror
  • Corner shelved greenery
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Bright Accessories
  • Pretty Floral vase

Garden-inspired Wallpaper

Living with nature is a blessing even when you have so many real plants in and out of your home still it will not give a complete look of a garden on a patio, veranda, deck, porch or balcony. So think how about 3D stickers to feel like you are in a complete garden while sipping your favourite cup of coffee with your loved one at the best place in your house will make the best family time with a lovely backdrop.

Vintage Rug

          Multi-coloured rug to make a cool flooring for your ground along with chairs paired up with it will give an awesome look for delicious dining with dynamic carpet gives a royal look like a red carpet for your guests.

Bright Lights

          More than lights fixture adds up more attraction for the lights choosing the best and the brightest fixture for your lights to highlight the kitchen or dining place.

Coral Bedroom makeover

          Give your bedroom a good makeover by covering up your mattress with cool & classy coral designed bedspreads with matching pillow covers to give them a lovely look brings you a pleasant mood

Rainbow Glasses

Almost all the houses have an open showcase with a glass door near the dining area to keep the plates and bowls instead we decorate that showcase with rainbow coloured glasses to entertain our eyes and show our guests how cool we are.

Decorative wall Mirror

         A big wall mirror can cover up empty wall space and make it look prettier than usual and it can also be useful when everyone in the house is in a hurry you can use this mirror to get dressed up and will give a glitzy look to your home.

Corner shelved greenery

         Cover the blank corners of your living room walls with a solid beautiful wooden corner shelf and it can be decorated with the assorted home-based greeneries which can purify the air as well as our mind while seeing it and it will teach your kids to live a life by loving the nature.

Dining Room Chairs

         To keep it simple and stylish we can replace the usual dining room chairs with chairs of vibrant colours stuffed with the good coloured cushion to make it more comfortable to sit.

Bright Accessories

         Decor your living space by choosing the same vibrant colours for all the decor items say for example if you choose an orange colour then try decorating almost all the accessories with the same colour including curtains, couch pillow covers, coffee tables and much more.

Pretty Floral vase

         Give a grandeur look to your home with the real bouquet which can add up colours as well a floral smell all over the room and that turns any mood out to a pleasant & happy mood.

Almost all those décor items are easy to buy from any online shopping portals like AMAZON & FLIPKART, at a very reasonable price with a variety of choices and colours to choose as you wish.

Why spend more on interior designing, instead decorate the home with these accessories and catch the sight of your guests.

Buy it…. Decorate it……love it

Happpyyyyyyyyyy decorating…………

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