5 Home essentials for this Cold & flu season:

Planet earth was noxious for the past 3 years and it has developed different variants of the CORONA virus which is really a life-threatening one and above all the climatic change along with the virus toxicity in the air spreads viral fever of almost everyone in India with no mercy

And it affects almost people from all the age groups with no bias and the side effects cause damage to one’s immune system and completely make us weak and also the spread of this viral attack takes place via air and it is not a possible thing to wear a mask even when we are at home because we cannot afford to lose our comfort even at home, right?


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Also, normally the spread of any flu during winter spreads vigorously. On top of that during this covid situation the flu wave makes it worse for the people from different parts of India are all down with different symptoms and even though we doubt this as covid but then the doctors say that it was seasonal flu.

So instead of suffering, we can make all the precautionary measures to save our family and ourselves from this cold season and the horrible viral flu that keeps spreading in India. This viral flu affects the people who got their two vaccination doses of covid already.

So we need to be more cautious about making our home with a healthy lifestyle and we need to make sure that our house is provided with better

  • Best Lighting – Good sunlight eliminates most viruses so it is essential to make way for the good sunlight to enter the house and it is okay to get exposed to the early sun rays which are enriched with vitamin D3
  • Quality Air – The air we breathe is the easiest way of getting affected by any disease so it is more important that we breathe the purified air than it is necessary to have an air purifier
  • Pure Water – The next major natural resource without we cannot survive but still it is the initial point of many touches of flu during the cold season as the virus can easily survive in water so provided with best RO purifier will be the major necessity
  • Natural food – It is best to grow the needed plants, vegetables and fruits at home itself to eat it fear free from covid spread
  • Healthy mind – Make your home provided with the best zone to do a healthy activity which helps in keeping our mind healthy and peaceful including yoga, meditation

To fight this covid seasonal flu war during this cold season, we will help you with these 5 Home essentials for this Cold & flu season that every home must have to keep our family hale & healthy and also it is worth spending on this essential rather than spending more on the hospitals.

  1. Thermometer
  2. Dry/wet Tissues
  3. Indoor herbs
  4. Air purifier cum Humidifier
  5. Hand Sanitizers


5 Home essentials for this Cold & flu season

We cannot take risks in predicting the body temperature of anyone as it may cause serious issues, especially when it comes to kids and old age so it is always good to have a thermometer in everybody’s home to keep our temperature on track at this season.

Dry/wet Tissues

5 Home essentials for this Cold & flu season

This winter season brings us cough and cold along with joy and happiness and we keep sneezing and coughing which can pave the way for others to get affected easily when they come in contact with us so it is a wise solution to have tissues at home to keep kids away from cold.

Indoor herbs

5 Home essentials for this Cold & flu season

Essential herbs which help us tackle this flu season and boost our immune season in a better way instead of spending more on medicines we can go the natural way to heal ourselves with zero side effects

Air purifier cum Humidifier

5 Home essentials for this Cold & flu season

Humidity plays a major role in virus spreading in the air so to safeguard and protect our family from any virus from outside and also to make us stay healthier we need to breathe the pure form of air which should be free from any contamination can be achieved with air purifier which now combined with humidifier which diffuses the essential oil to spread all over the house.

Hand Sanitizers

5 Home essentials for this Cold & flu season

The most sold product after this covid is sanitisers. Almost all the people are very familiar with this product just after this covid situation as it is advised by WHO to keep ourselves and our hands sanitized to prevent the world from coronavirus and now this becomes a habit as we have any one of our family members needs to go out and to prevent spreading of corona through the hands that we used for driving, buying stuff and so on.

Make all these essentials ready to fight this final wave as well as the variant of covid and see the sunshine of hope eliminating the deadly virus from the planet earth.

Stay home and stay safe.

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