Top 5 smart ceiling fans in India

          BEST 5 SMART CEILING FANS IN INDIA: We can choose to stay in a house without any other appliances like refrigerators, mixer grinder or even television is not an essential one but then without a fan is a nightmare, it is not easy to see any home without a fan nowadays. More than that we cannot survive an hour without a fan even when the climate is very cold we don’t tend to switch off the fan for an hour because we get used to it.

And due to the change in the global climatic condition, it’s getting hotter day by day and so we sweat a lot and not everyone can afford an air conditioner. Moreover, it is not a necessary appliance for Indian skin type or the climate in India but this will not be the case when it comes to fans because it’s unavoidable for all the members in our home.

the major drawback of using the fan is that there is no easy access to the fan control like an air-conditioner is because it is connected with the regulator which controls the speed so once we fixed the speed before sleep it is not easy for us to change the speed of the fan until or unless if the switchboard or the regulator is reachable.

But then we all know that it won’t be accessible for safety purposes and we always keep all the switchboards at height for our kids’ safety and now what if we feel cold in the middle of the night? who can tend to get up from sleep just to adjust this speed isn’t it? Which will be annoying right.

And how about having elderly people at home who can’t easily get up from their bed and what if they need assistance on handling the fan controls? Again it’s bothersome.

So to overcome all this technology reinvented the advanced FAN which is very smart in terms of controls. Yes, the best part of this fan is we can simply control the fan speed just like the air conditioner using a remote or it can be connected with our smartphones even. So to have an uninterrupted cosy sleep at night come let’s by the best sleep companion.

Here we bring you the best 5 featured smart ceiling fans in India for raising your family’s comfort zone and also consider other main benefits while choosing the smart fans are decrease in power consumption, easy control and customizing the operations, voice assistance and many more. No more waiting let’s jump into the top 5 smart ceiling fans brands in India

  1. Orient Electric Aeroslim
  2. LG 1200 mm Inverter Motor
  3. Atomberg Renesa Smart
  4. Havells Carnesia
  5. Anchor by Panasonic Captor i-Kraft Fan

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC motor Smart Ceiling Fan with IoT, Remote and Under light (Brown)

Design & specification:

  • 40% Energy Saving – The annual saving calculation is based on an assumption of 4 fans in a household running 8 hours a day for a year with average unit electricity of 6.50/-
  • Sweep: 1200 mm, Power consumption: 45 watts, RPM: 310 RPM, Air delivery: 240 CMM, Power factor more than 0.98, Service value more than 6
  • Aeroslim fan is expertly designed with inverter technology saving 40% energy, one more step towards building a sustainable future
  • Remote and Mobile App operated IOT based fan with smart features- fan scheduling, fan time, turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, reverse rotation. Multiple fans can be connected to the same App
  • Aeroslim pairs easily with smart home technology like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Eye comfort and smoothly diffused light, scene switching light (dimmability) option
  • Smooth and uniform airflow with lesser air cutting sound. 100 per cent rust-free blades made of high-grade compounded polymers (Glass Filled ABS) for high durability. Blade profile inspired by aerodynamic design for higher thrust and air delivery
  • Air delivery will remain the same as 230v even at 140v to 260v of voltage variations, comes with short circuit protection. Air Delivery 240 CMM

Reason to love it:

  • Looks slim and elegant with light in it

Make a note of:

  • Unavailability of spares

LG 1200 mm Inverter Motor with Remote Biomechanically Designed 3 Dual Wings Ceiling Fan (Silver, LG ThinQ, Mosquito Away, FC48GSSA1)

Design & specification:

  • Biomechanically designed 3 (+3 Dual Wings) blades for quieter operation and deliver Premium Quality Wind
  • Ceiling Fan’s premium and Uni-Body design makes easy maintenance and convenient cleaning
  • 40 Pole Energy Efficient 26.3W Inverter Motor: Safer, Higher Durability and Energy Efficient
  • Ceiling Fan with Mosquito repelling technology by way of activating ultrasonic sound waves to drive away mosquitos from your loved ones. Comfort Sleep Mode helps you sleep better.
  • Making it easy to control fans with your voice by Smart Assistant like Alexa.
  • LG Premium LED display is perfect for checking the settings you need.

Reason to love it:

  • 24V inverter Motor which is durable & reliable

Make a note of:

  • Alexa can’t control fan speed

Atomberg Renesa Smart + 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (Pearl White, Pack of 1)|Formerly Gorilla

Design & specification:

  • Super Energy Efficient BLDC Motor: Consumes only 28W on the highest Speed
  • IOT Enabled: Can be operated by voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Atomberg Application
  • Save up to Rs. 1500 per year on your electricity bill with each fan
  • Smart Remote with features like Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, and Timer mode. Operable distance using remote: UP TO 20 FT
  • Runs 3 times longer on an Inverter battery as compared to an ordinary Induction fan; Metallic finish which is easy to clean
  • High-Speed Fans: Output parameters on par with a normal ceiling fan. Air delivery: 220 CMM & Speed: 340 RPM

Reason to love it:

  • Energy efficiency and its robustness

Make a note of:

  • Speed Boost does not make much difference

Havells Carnesia I 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White LT Copper)

Design & specification:

  • Carnesia i has smart mode which senses humidity & temperature and adjusts speed accordingly
  • IoT enabled Smart fan with iOS and Android mobile phones- Wi-Fi connectivity through the router at Customer’s home
  • Alexa and Google home connectivity with Voice commands enabled
  • Different modes: Smart Mode, Sleep mode, Breeze mode, Schedule mode for better user experience
  • Automatic on/off thru Scheduler mode setting thru App to switch on/off fan on a real-time clock
  • 390 Revolutions per minute and produces air delivery 235 cubic meters per minute; Five level Speed control; Timer setting for 2,4,6,8 hours thru App
  • Multi-user access to operate single fan by many users and to operate a group of fans at the same time thru App

Reason to love it:

  • on/off Scheduler mode setting using an Application

Make a note of:

  • Difficult to install

Anchor by Panasonic Captor i-Kraft 1200mm Smart IOT Ceiling Fan (White Jet Marble) with Remote |Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & MirAIe App

Design & specification:

  • Command & control with just a click of the MirAie app, Support Voice Control with Google Assistant & Alexa enabled.
  • Humidity & Temperature sensor with app-based controls
  • Unique motif design matching interior modern décor with premium attractive colours for everlasting looks.
  • High-quality double ball bearings for frictionless & noiseless working.

Reason to love it:

  • Alexa integration works like a pro

Make a note of:

  • Restarting will take place slowly

Just buy and give your family a comfort from bed and make your home smarter with these smart appliances.


Happy sleeeeepinggggggggggggg

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