How to get a vaccination certificate in India?

How to get a vaccination certificate in India?

         This may sound funny but the truth is COVID-19 is not just a word it’s an emotion. Yes, it is already more than 2 and a half years that the planet earth has been battling the deadly virus called the corona. Still, the battle of this virus war doesn’t come to an end and it keeps extending with the change in the virus variants.

We have never imagined such a situation will arise, that the whole world needs to stop doing the routine and stay inside the houses just because of a virus is an imaginary situation for all of us.

But still, it all happened and kept continuing and the spread of the virus went beyond the control at the beginning of 2020. COVID-19 is transmitted through the air so it spread vigorously from one to another during the early stage.

And so many of us lost our dear ones in this battle as we failed to control the spread and we don’t have enough immune power to survive the virus attack in our body.


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As it may start creating new antibodies which will start destructing most of the body parts in humans and lead us to death.

To keep everything under control and get rid of this situation as soon as possible, all the countries started developing a vaccine and most of the developed countries succeeded in a very short span to bring everything under control.

Even India developed two vaccines named COVISHIELD and COVAXIN® now come lets see How to get a vaccination certificate in India?

Even though both the vaccines are approved by many scientists and WHO, we have our human nature on doubting whether the vaccines may cause severe side effects or it may cause death.

This stopped most of the people from getting the vaccine at the beginning in INDIA. Later on, knowing the statics that the percentage of the survivor increased after vaccination builds trust in all the individuals and all started getting their vaccines.

To take a count on this and to know the count of the dose Indian government made this vaccine certificate a mandatory one.

There is a total of 2 dosages for both the vaccinations and if we get vaccinated we can easily download the certificate online from the COWIN portal and AROGYA SETHU app maintained by the Government of India.

Steps to download from the COWIN portal:

How to get a vaccination certificate in India?
  1. click to get introduced to the site
  2. Sin in with the necessary details
  3. Type in the (OTP) One Time Password that you have received on the registered mobile number
  4. Find in the certificate just below your name
  5. Click on it and download

As simple as that, but make sure you register your mobile number when you get vaccinated with each dose.

Let’s see the other way, with AROGYA SETHU APP

How to get a vaccination certificate in India?
  1. Download the application first in your Android or iPhone from the AppStore or Google play store
  2. Login with the registered mobile number
  3. Find in the Cowin tab at the top corner click on it
  4. Type in the requested 13 – digit reference id and download the certificate

Other apps to download the vaccine certificate is


Both need to download the app from the available AppStore. After downloading, log in and give the necessary information to enter inside the App.

Downloading is easy in both apps but choosing the right tab will end up on finding the certificate.

  • In DIGILOCKER click on the central government tab and find Ministry of Family Health and Welfare (MoHFW) click on it to find the option called VACCINE CERTIFIED and download the certificate by giving the 13 – digit reference id
  • In the UMANG app find the Cowin label at the what’s new section click on it and enter the mobile number and then the received OTP and then download the certificate.

We have mentioned almost all the possible ways to download the vaccine certificates and also both the certificate as well as the consolidated certificates can also be downloaded.

One can request to know the availability of the vaccines nearby is possible and can make any change of details in the certificate and so on can be done through those apps and the portal.

And we can stay proud that India sets the world record by 2.5 crores of vaccinations in a day.

Get vaccinated with both doses, stay safe and save others.

It’s in our hands to bring everything back to normal.

Say HI to the vaccine and Say BYE BYE to lockdown……………..

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